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He Xiangyu

Eierkarton, Bronzeguß Feuervergoldet 2019
Eierkarton, Bronzeguß Feuervergoldet 2019

Egg carton | Bronze casting, fire gilded | 2019

The Noack bronze foundry has realised an unusual and technically demanding project for the artist He Xiangyu, who was born in China in 1986. These are golden casts of 24 ordinary egg cartons, each of which can hold 12 eggs. In his series of Eggholders - impressively displayed in the Boros Collection - He was concerned with openly and admonishingly demonstrating the arbitrariness of value to the viewer. In his installation, he used commercially available chicken eggs from the supermarket, which formed a strong visual and contextual contrast to the gold. In this work of art, the egg as a life-giving and life-sustaining symbol is supposedly of no value, while the transport packaging appears extremely valuable thanks to its golden colour. A good example of the twisted nature of today's society.

Our work consisted of melting and moulding the original cardboard egg cartons directly. After careful metalworking, the castings of the boxes were then fire-gilded - a very rare and almost alchemistic process of gold plating, which makes the artwork even more valuable due to the technical virtuosity of the gilding.

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