Jonas Hödicke | Karl Horst Hödicke - Meine Stadt

26 January - 7 July 2024

As a space of constant change and an interface between the public and private spheres, Berlin's streets form a multi-layered place in which the history of the city and its open future find intense expression. With Karl Horst Hödicke (*1938) and his son Jonas Hödicke (*1984), Noack Galerie presents a joint exhibition of two artists from different generations who appropriate the urban theme in related yet different ways in their artistic work.

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Bernhard Heiliger
Bernhard Heiliger
... in a nutshell

6 September

Bernhard Heiliger, Jonathan Meese, Anna Bogouchevskaia, Kim Bartelt and others.

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Anna Bogouchevskaia: Fallen Falls - at the Kunsthalle Rostock

17 December 2023 - 10 March 2024


Anna Bogouchevskaia's sculpture is a geopolitical approach to themes at the interface between figuration and abstraction. It is the first collective exhibition of the German-Russian sculptor in Germany, which also presents her early work in dialogue with the works of the French-Russian artist Marc Chagall (1887-1985). Bogouchevskaia is the great-granddaughter of the German philosopher Karl Marx. Her family had always been connected to Chagall and his wife through her great-grandfather, who was a rabbi in Peskovatik, the former small town of Vitebsk in Belarus on the border with Russia. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, the artist moved to Berlin, where her transition to the centre of her artistic work increasingly turned to natural phenomena in her sculpture, such as the unifying element of water in its various aggregate states and manifestations.

Inspired by the French documentary film "Microcosmos" (1996), her current body of work increasingly shows sculptures of macroscopically enlarged drops of water. In the exhibition, her work block "Fallen Falls" will be shown for the first time as an exploration of climate change. She translates disappearing waterfalls around the world and the fleeting nature of the element of water into her sculptural language and this in bronze. Fleeting moments and natural phenomena of the Baltic Sea landscape, such as flower blossoms, fog, snow and clouds, permeate her work thematically and, in around 50 sculptures, personal objects and numerous photographs and drawings in five thematic rooms, offer visitors to the exhibition a view of flora and fauna that revives abstraction in the sense of a New Post-Impressionism and reveals astonishing things in a partial juxtaposition with works from the Kunsthalle collection.


Joel Meyerowitz, Camel Coats, New York City, 1975 © Joel Meyerowitz, Courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York
Joel Meyerowitz, Camel Coats, New York City, 1975 © Joel Meyerowitz, Courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York
M E Y E R O W I T Z - A Retrospective

14 September - 21 December 2023

In co-operation with the Howard Greenberg Gallery (NYC) and on the occasion of the photographer's 85th birthday, the Kulturforum Noack is presenting a major Joel Meyerowitz retrospective entitled M E Y E R O W I T Z.

In his diverse and influential oeuvre, which spans more than six decades, Meyerowitz has explored the philosophical complexity of photography and its poetic potential in a variety of ways. The exhibition shows a selection of over 100 works from various phases of his extensive oeuvre.

It is our invisibility that helps us get away with stealing fire from the gods is how Meyerowitz describes a way of working practiced by him and others, in which he blends unobtrusively into his surroundings in order to capture everyday scenes photographically. Through patient observation and special alertness, it is important to wait for an experience of heightened perception, in which a moment seems to expand and unregulated time reveals itself in a deeper order. This is the right moment to press the shutter release

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Anna Bogouchevskaia - "Shouldn't be gone"

29 April - 26 August 2023

Anna Bogouchevskaia is a German-Russian sculptor who comes from Moscow and has lived in Berlin since 1994.

Under the appealing title "Shouldn't be gone!", she is showing new works, most of which she modelled between 2019 and 2021 and which were cast in 2022/23.

The sculptures are made of aluminium, nickel silver and bronze.

Bogouchevskaia's works of recent years are characterised by a moment of fluidity, of flowing, of the ephemeral. Her visual repertoire is orientated towards the three-dimensional depiction of water (in various states of aggregation, including fog and snow) as well as plants and animals.

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Arie Van Selm - "The Crow"

20 February - 21 April 2023

Bold and blunt, yet moving and emotive sculptures - Arie Van Selm is a Dutch painter and sculptor who has exhibited his work internationally in Amsterdam, Berlin, Caracas, Dallas, Frankfurt, New York, Osaka and Rome.

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NOACK 125: A look back at the legacy

14 November 2022 - 4 February 2023

In 2022 - a century and a quarter after the founding of the Hermann Noack picture foundry, the company is still run by a Hermann Noack, now in the fourth generation, and the most important names in the art world still turn to the foundry for their designs. This is where Anselm Kiefer, Georg Baselitz and Tony Cragg have their monumental works cast and where the international art scene gathers to realise their ideas.

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Der Spaziergänger (1912)
Der Spaziergänger (1912)
Ernst Barlach on his 150th birthday

30 April - 03 July 2022

They are figures from life, from direct observation - and yet they are fundamentally about the condition of man's existence, about his being thrown between heaven and earth. Ernst Barlach's sculptural oeuvre is one of the highlights of modern art and the history of the foundry that cast Barlach's extensive, complex and still moving oeuvre in its entirety. The exhibition in the Hermann Noack Workshop Gallery is dedicated to the rare casts made during his lifetime, including such famous works as "The Singing Man" and "The Reunion".

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Vivian Maier Photographie
Vivian Maier Photographie
Vivian Maier - Streetqueen

30.10.2021 - 27.02.2022

The discovery of Vivian Maier was one of the greatest sensations in the history of photography after the Second World War. The American was completely unknown as an artist before thousands of undeveloped negatives turned up at an auction in Chicago in 2007 and her work has aroused amazement and admiration in illustrated books and exhibitions all over the world since 2011. Today, it is impossible to imagine street photography from the fifties to the seventies without it. Maier's visual world can now be experienced at the Hermann Noack Workshop Gallery in the exhibition "Streetqueen", which was organised in collaboration with the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York. Around 120 prints - including 22 of the rare vintage prints and some images recently developed for the first time - present all phases of Meier's work and also highlight the importance of her colour photography, which she has favoured since the sixties.

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Ausstellungsansicht Susan Swartz in der Werkstattgalerie Hermann Noack
Foto: Roman März
Ausstellungsansicht Susan Swartz in der Werkstattgalerie Hermann Noack Foto: Roman März
Susan Swartz

16 September - 8 October 2021

"I paint for joy", I read on Susan Swartz's website before we arranged to meet for a chat. I wasn't sure what to make of it. Was there no greater need, nothing more urgent for an artist to find out?

A little later I met a woman who made it clear with great concentration, warmth and humour how absolutely painting permeates her life. How it gave her strength during a phase of illness, how it determines her everyday life, how it challenges her hand so much that she wears a splint when she paints. And what it was like for her to only receive recognition late in her life, because there were hardly any successful female artists at the time when she was being trained.

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Moving Waters - Anna Bogouchevskaia

20 July 2021

In collaboration with Halle K in Hamburg, Werkstattgalerie Hermann Noack is presenting an exhibition of sculptures by Anna Bogouchevskaia from several creative periods to the Hamburg public from 1 October to 19 October. The exhibition transports the viewer into the magical microcosm of natural elements and enchants with the absolute deceleration...

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