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The Hermann Noack picture foundry has been producing works of art in all dimensions and techniques for over 125 years.

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Heinz Mack im Atelier der Bildgiesserei Noack
Heinz Mack im Atelier der Bildgiesserei Noack
A 120-year tradition in the production of modern art!

"It means a lot to me that the Noack foundry in Berlin, which has been highly regarded for decades, produces high-quality bronze sculptures from my models, which have to stand comparison with historical masterpieces." (Quote from Heinz Mack)

Heinz Mack has worked with the Hermann Noack bronze foundry on a regular basis since 1984. More than thirty sculptures were created: works that are less than one metre high, as well as 10 or even 18 metre high steles that were created for a public space - such as the monumental "Obelisk" on Berlin's Henriettenplatz at the western end of Kurfürstendamm or the 30 metre high "Licht-Pfeiler" (Light Pillar) in front of the Europacenter are examples of the collaboration.

A catalogue entitled Mack 1984 - 2020 has been published to accompany the exhibition.

Heinz Mack - Neue Skulpturen

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Die 5. Generation / BDM Gruppe / Georg Baselitz
Die 5. Generation / BDM Gruppe / Georg Baselitz
Next Generation

The next generation of the Noack family foundry - the next generation gonna be female.

Some may be disappointed that there will not be a Hermann Noack V. with this name, which would be the first interruption to a 125-year tradition. But the reason is a very simple one: the fifth generation in the foundry's management team will be female, as two daughters are ready to take over.

We are not only in line with the times when it comes to women in management positions, but we are also exemplary in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency, environmental compatibility and socially responsible employee management in line with the new challenges.

For example, electricity is generated for the operation of solar cells located on the roof of the 4,500 square metre foundry, and surplus kilowatts are fed into the Berlin grid.
We recycle materials such as plaster, sand, wax and bronze residues to produce new works of art; the company offers its employees more paid holidays than usual and provides them with a home-cooked lunch from Bar Brass; the company's fleet of vehicles is partly electrically powered.

We are also planning to extend several buildings on Am Spreebord and want to transform the area into a thriving public cultural landscape in the city centre. We are working on the development of the so-called "Kalksteinmehlgebäude" (Limestone powder building) with studios, galleries and a sun-drenched café directly on the banks of the Spree, a museum exhibition centre, and a riverside walk with sculptures from the Hermann Noack foundry.

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Renèe Sintenis und Hermann Noack II / Hermann Noack III
Renèe Sintenis und Hermann Noack II / Hermann Noack III
From the history of the fine art foundry

Foreword by Eberhard Diepgen on the occasion of the publication of the book "Bronzegiesserei Noack" in 1993 by Ravensburger Verlag.

In the border area between craftsmanship and art, knowledge and empathy, skill and inventiveness are equally necessary. The Hermann Noack foundry has been known for many decades and far beyond the borders of Berlin for its great success in this border area.

Sculptures and figures from the small but dignified company mark special places in our city. There is the Amazon in the Tiergarten, there are the great works by Henry Moore in front of the Nationalgalerie and the Akademie der Künste. But there is also the bear on the motorway that leads into Berlin from the south-west. It welcomes homecomers and guests. It is an inconspicuous, yet well-known landmark of our city.

All of these figures were produced in a family business that repeatedly succeeds in combining artistic ambition with perfect craftsmanship. Berlin owes the realisation of artistic ideas to the Noack fine art foundry and thus many a place with a special atmosphere.

The connection between the Noack foundry and its home city has existed for many decades, particularly through Berlin's great landmarks: after the Quadriga on the Brandenburger Tor was severely damaged in the Second World War, the foundry produced a new one. The Viktoria on the Großer Stern, also known by Berliners as "Gold-Else", also owes its gleaming overall condition to the experts at Noack.

Landmarks and symbols express commonalities and a sense of "identity". And they give us access to the past. Monuments such as the memorial to 20 July 1944 give us pause and call us to remember. Ernst Reuter is unforgotten; the "Flamme" (flame) that preserves his memory ensures that future generations will also remember him.

We wish the foundry success and recognition in the future that is in no way inferior to the past. The fact that the Noack foundry is firmly rooted in Berlin is not only a credit to our city, it also offers interested young people the opportunity to learn a profession with special standards in one of the most recognised foundries. Companies like the Noack foundry have become rare. And in a way, today they are what they produce themselves: Works of art.

Photos below: Henry Moore and Hermann Noack III

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