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Werdende (It is, it isn`t)

Tony Cragg is probably one of the most important living sculptors of modern times. The variety and beauty of his sculptural works are as impressive as the range of materials he uses, from wood, plastic and glass to bronze.

We have enjoyed a long partnership with him and many great projects over the years, as well as a close physical proximity, as his studio is located at Am Spreebord 9. He has been commissioning our team to realise his highly complex bronze sculptures since 2003.

This project "Werdende" (Becoming) for the collection of the German Bundestag is no exception, with a remarkable size of 6.20 metres. The bronze sculpture was cast using the sand casting process and consists of 134 individual parts that are seamlessly welded together. Tony Cragg not only attaches great importance to care and precision, but also appreciates the possibilities offered by patination and surface structures.

Tony Cragg has received many honours and awards. He received the Turner Prize in 1998 and was knighted by the Queen in 2016. He was rector of the Düsseldorf Art Academy for a long time and has lived in Wuppertal since 1977. He runs the Waldfrieden Sculpture Park here, where he shows national and international sculptors in changing exhibitions.

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