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Michael Sailstorfer

Hier steht die Bildunterschrift
Hier steht die Bildunterschrift

"I want to make changeable sculptures in a place that I like, sculptures that also work" - said the sculptor, who was born in Vils (Bavaria) in 1979 and lives in Berlin, with whom we have been working since 2017. Sailsdorfer plays with the infinite possibilities of the changeable, the illusion and the everyday... The sculptor constantly mixes these three components to create new art and objects. Including these aluminium works created by the conceptual artist at the Hermann Noack foundry in 2018.

Starting from a cardboard model, held together with brown parcel tape (glue) and cut-out recesses, we created aluminium casts of the works, some of which were painted so that the finished metal works looked like the original cardboard model. In this way, Sailsdorfer created a moment of amazement and deception for the viewer.

The use of aluminium makes the object lighter and particularly easy to paint.

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